Saturday, 11 May 2013

a quotes for you..

cause who used to hold you,and clean you and clothe you
who used to feed you and always be with you
whe you were sick, stayed up all night,holding you to tight
that's right no other
"my mother"

'my mom is never ending song in my heart 
of comfort.happiness,and being. 
i may sometimes forget the words
but i always remember the tunes...'

'mama was my greatest teacher,
a teacher of compassion,
and love...
if love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is the sweet flower of love...'

'there is no velvet so soft as a mother's lap,
no rose as lovely as her smile,
no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps...'

'if i could give you diamonds,
for each tear your cried for me..
if i could five you sapphires,
for each truth you've has helped me see..
if i could give you rubies,
for the heartache that you have known..
if i could give you pearls,
for the wisdom you've shown

then you'll have a treasure,mom,
that would mount up to the skies,
that would almost match,
the sparkle in you kind and loving eyes..

but i have no pearls,diamonds'
as i'm sure you're will aware,
so i'll give you gifts more precious,
my devotion,love and care...

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